Pandemic Parallels

Pandemic Parallels

The rise of fascism in European countries coincided with the Spanish Flu after WW1. Fear was a strong motivator and contributing factor that permitted elected governments in Italy, Spain, and Germany to first embrace a closely intertwined relationship with large corporate businesses working to quickly erode the rights and freedoms of their citizens.

Under the pretext of perceived threats to society, laws were enacted to provide safety, but that came to the detriment of individual freedom, prosperity, and rights.

Soon small businesses were targeted and forced closed by laws or orders in some cases, or by the angry and fearful mobs in others. To protect society, people were labelled, marked, compelled to carry government issued ID, borders were closed, people forced to justify their travel, prohibited from assembly, and new powers were enacted for the bureaucracy. This all very much like we see happening today.

People were forced into financial ruin, while many were compelled to work for large corporate inte rests, with a meager basic income. Both government and corporate interests became wealthy and authorit arian, eventually those who spoke out or were part of an identified group were either attacked or completely removed from society.

Now there were those in society who greatly benefitted from this intertwining of large corporate business and government, life was great if you were in the service of the state, and weren't barred from working or at worst fo rced into labour camps, and as a bonus, "the trains ran on time". The Canadian and Ontario governments are responding much as Spain. Italy, and Germany did with the last pandemic by diminishing democracy and freedoms, while joining forces with large corporate interests such as big box stores and WE.

Once on this slippery road where individual freedoms are not protected, there can be only one outcome. The quote is often heard "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it", and from any reasonable vantage point, it appears we have not heeded the knowledge of history.

MPP Randy Hillier has a discussion with Dr. Matt Strauss, who is a critical care physician here in Ontario.

Many are unaware of the large amount of dissenting opinions from various experts throughout the medical profession on how we have collectively dealt with COVID. Dr. Strauss touches on part of the problem in this clip, is the tail wagging the dog on the COVID agenda?

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