Mr HILLIER to Mrs OROZCO et Ms WOLFE re 'rent'

ON: June 13, 2024 at 1625EST
RE: Re: rent
FR: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier 
TO: Mrs Maritza Elizabeth Orozco
CC: Ms Kelly Wolfe

  • Esposa mia,

    Please return, and we’ll talk. As I said earlier, this is not a negotiation.

    You’re my other half, and I need to be able to rely upon you always being with me, even if we're disagree about something. The important thing its for the adults in us to reconcile and coalesce.

    Is that so unreasonable?
    We’re adults, not children.
    Please accept that.



    On Jun 13, 2024, at 16:19, MRS MARITZA ELIZABETH OROZCO wrote:
    Kelly said that she wants us out of the bachelor.  Please pay some rent and do it quick, talk to her.  She is not happy with us.  Like I told you by phone, she was very upset at you that you aren't replying to her.  She said to me you said you told me Isaac was Christian that is why I helped but he is not.  She helped when we were in great need.  I would have died in the winter if it wasn't for her help.  Winter is coming again, there are only two and a half months of warm weather left.  Please talk to her, and stop your anger.  I couldn't find some things can  you put my things together in a box.  I can't find my pink agenda daily planner, my alpaca shawl is also there and more, I couldn't get everything.  Can you clean up the place. I couldn't find anything because of the mess.  She would be happy with 600 I think, she was expecting 400 from me and 400 from you but I told her that I am paying to all the of storage cost which is now $719.  I have nothing left after this.  The credit card fraud at pc is about 1500.  I think she said the full rent is 1880.

  • Please reply soon I am online.  Thanks.