Mr HILLIER to Mr & Mrs OROZCO et Ms WOLFE re 'Satisfying Fathers on Father's Day'

ON: June 17, 2024 at 0855EST
RE: Satisfying Fathers on Father's Day
FR: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier
TO: Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco, Mr Leonidas David Orozco
CC: Mr Isaac Bon Hillier, Ms Kelly Anne Wolfe,
    Lynda Kosowan, Fr Alex Laschuk

  • Esposa Mia,

    Your Father was a bad Father, for he was a pedophile and protected children’s therapist. Did you really think that it was okay to punish another father that loved you just as much as your mother loved you, did you REALLY think it was appropriate for you to fabricate a criminal case against me just because I have a son, and his father has done more to protect his son from his mother than your mother ever actually did to actually protect you from the appetite of your father?

    Why do you hate me so much? It should not be because you are more sexually satisfied by Mr Fausto Enrique OROZCO than you are by Mr Isaac Bon HILLIER, yet you firmly hold on to the tramp-stamp of Mr Fausto Enrique OROZCO and punish your husband for being more sexually satisfying than your own father. Why, my dear? I said at our marriage that something had to be done to punish your pedophile rapist father. And what did you do?

    You threw me in jail and my wedding band was forcefully removed by an OIC of the Penal Facility. So, you essentially believe that I’m less of a human, less worthy of your protection, than your edition of the rapist pedophile father. So yeah, I rather seriously take offence at this. And you have the temerity to claim that I’m such a worthless penis that you call the police and fabricate false charges when I tell you that it is our duty as Adults of the Roman Catholic denomination to protect the Children from enemies both foreign and domestic.

    And so you.. call the police with false charges against Mr HILLIER in order to protect Mr OROZCO. Your whole family is complicit, and your Mother was nearly as evil as your Father. Why? Because your mother did not protect you from the domestic enemy of your father, but rather raised you as a domestic satiation for his pedophilic appetites.

    And then you blame ME? How dare you… You are not a good and faithful Catholic average WOMAN, but you are a dirty yet devoted Catholic underage DAUGHTER. You still do whatever the fuck your Father needs from you, right? Cuz you’ve been programmed from, birth the concept of “our Father thou art in heaven.." so the child will do whatever is required to satisfy HER Father whom is above her. You SACRIFICE your Husband’s wedding band because you feel your husband is dirtier than your father when he is balls deep in your 14-year-old corpus cavern, broken body.

    You lie, in order to keep your Father safe. I find that disgusting yet you see a reason to shit on my friendship with Ms Kelly Anne FARKAS? How dare you, you are NOT a mature 50-years-old, you remain yet an underage 14-year-old little girl who does anything necessary to control protect her Father from her evil and abusive Mother.

    So you know what? I’m happy you spent Father's Day with your loving father and your protective brother, because apparently I cannot satisfy you as Mr Isaac Bon HILLIER, because I’m just a piece of shit compared to real men like your Father Mr Fausto Enrique OROZCO, or your “Brother” Mr Leonidas David OROZCO. It is only those two men of brave Orozco clan who will ever satisfy you.

    If you ever do come back to me, it will be before August 24th, 2024 and you will have to no longer be wearing the Ms OROZCO tramp-stamp.  I hope you had a satisfying Father’s Day away from the dirty Canadian who calls himself a Father. This is not a negotiation like those you enjoy with your father. Capisce? Read the enclosed Trauma and Mental Health Report "What If Your Father Were a Pedophile?”. And the PDF "Breaking the Silence on Father-Daughter Sexual Abuse of Breaking the Silence on Father-Daughter Sexual Abuse of Adolescent Girls: A Case Law Study” and make your choice clear, are you a 14-year-old ex-wife, or are you a 50-year-old wife? Do you prefer how you are because of the cock of Mr HILLIER, or do you prefer how you always were because of the cock of Mr OROZCO?

    Just don’t waste another 13-years of my hideous existence. You seem to think that in our marriage, you only have a responsibility and duty to be actually present 95% of the time, and allowed unreasonable absentia 5% or more duration. Unfortunately for you, Marriage is basically the ONLY thing that is black and white. You’re either here with me 100% of the time, or you’re my ex and you can go be wherever the fuck you want, and fuck whomever you want, because I really don’t give a shit at this point. Just make the choice, rather than coming and going like your daddy waffles. You’re really ignorant, Ms OROZCO. On or before Saturday August 24th, 2024.

    Respectfully yours,
    Isaac, Chief Technical Officer
    Independent Ontario Advocacy Group
    Internet Security, Operations and Intelligence
        Cel:        +1 437-553-2224


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Breaking the Silence on Father-Daughter Sexual Abuse of Breaking the Silence on Father-Daughter Sexual Abuse of Adolescent Girls: A Case Law Study


231 DAYS ABSENTIAL — 162+69=231
This breakdown is initiated from the death of Ms Maritza Elizabeth Orozco Ortiz's Mother Hilda Esperanza Orozco Ortiz on July 5th, 2021. The pattern exists...

20240708    20240709   01 days absence —— JUl08 '24 » Jul09  '24    22
20240508    20240706   60 days absence —— May08 '24 » Jul06  '24    21
20231218    20231219   02 days absence —— Dec18 '23 » Dec19  '23    20
20231028    20231029   02 days absence —— Oct28 '23 » Oct29  '23    19
20231014    20231021   08 days absence —— Oct14 '23 » Oct21  '23    18
20231009    20231012   04 days absence —— Oct09 '23 » Oct12  '23    17
20230501    20230503   03 days absence —— May01 '23 » May03  '23    16
20230421    20230428   08 days absence —— Apr21 '23 » Apr28  '23    15
20230401    20230411   10 days absence —— Apr01 '23 » Apr11  '23    14
20221006    20221213   69 days incense —— Oct06 '22 » Dec13  '22    69
20220926    20221003   07 days absence —— Sep26 '22 » Oct03  '22    13
20220909    20220914   05 days absence —— Sep09 '22 » Sep14  '22    12
20220613    20220622   09 days absence —— Jun13 '22 » Jun22  '22    11
20220601    20220611   10 days absence —— Jun01 '22 » Jun11  '22    10
20220514    20220516   03 days absence —— May14 '22 » May16  '22    09
20220502    20220512   10 days absence —— May02 '22 » May12  '22    08
20220421    20220423   03 days absence —— Apr21 '22 » Apr23  '22    07
20220331    20220401   03 days absence —— Mar31 '22 » Apr01  '22    06
20220308    20220309   02 days absence —— Mar08 '22 » Mar09  '22    05
20211212    20211213   02 days absence —— Dec12 '21 » Dec13  '21    04
20211210    20211212   03 days absence —— Dec10 '21 » Dec12  '21    03 
20211127    20211130   04 days absence —— Nov27 '21 » Nov30  '21    02
20211024    20211026   03 days absence —— Oct24 '21 » Oct26  '21    01 

         See similar occurrence about the..
         Usage of mature kids and protecting therapists of children.

20210705     MARITZA'S MUM DIED, SNOWBALL STARTS ROLLING. MARI IS NOT AN ADULT. —————————————————————————————————————————————